launches Support Sitara Devi Online Petition






March 24, 2014; Mumbai: The Craftsmen, Artistes & Designers Promotion Forum or CADPF – a newly-formed NGO has decided to take up the cause of octogenarian and Padmashree Sitara Devi’s demand for a Dance Academy in Mumbai.

Kathak exponent and and a student of Sitara Devi’s daughter Jayantimala – Ranjana Bhattacharya of the CADPF said, “For decades since the late 1970s, 94-year-old Kathak Queen Padmashree Sitara Devi has been demanding a decent sized plot of land in or around Mumbai to start a residential dance academy to educate students both in Classical and modern styles of dance. She has met hundreds of politicians, collectors and even private individuals and corporate CEOs to support her dream but her demands have fallen on deaf years. The 94-year-old-plus Sitara Devi has been living in Mumbai for over 80 years now and while politicians and businessmen have been allocated plots over the years, this dancing legend has been sidelined and ignored.”

The CADPF has launched an online petition with a signature collection drive  located at and requested all lovers of all forms of dance and particularly Kathak to join this campaign to demand a professional and independent Dance Academy in Mumbai comparable to the best in the World.

To support this campaign and to SUPPORT SITARA DEVIs demand for an Independent Dance Academy in Mumbai go to and leave your comments. Please mention your full name, location and email id to ensure that your submission is valid. Your comment with your correct full name, location and email id will be counted as one vote.





Nigerian Murder: Process to deport Nigerians begins



PANAJI: The foreigners registration office (FRO) has begun verifying the passports and travel documents of the 52 Nigerians arrested on Thursday for holding up the NH-17, damaging public property, and clashing with the police, following the murder of countryman Obodo Uzoma Simeon.

The police department too is expected to soon begin combing operations to identify foreigners staying in Goa illegally and those with criminal cases against them so as to deport them.









Goa Tourism promotion to cost state Rs 17 crore in 2014


While the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has censured excess expenditures of Rs 19 crore on international and domestic road shows and exhibitions for promotion of Goa tourism between 2007-2012, the present government has also kept these ‘show going’ with costs already slated to touch Rs 17 crore for international and domestic travel marts in this financial year itself.





Most Goan beaches unfit for swimming?

Though the first 5-star hotels opened for business as far back as the 1970s, and the first charter flights started to land in the 1980′s, the state’s famously laid back character remained intact, the beaches still shimmered pristine, and garbage was nowhere to be seen.





Bus, air fares go through the roof as tourists head to Goa for Diwali vacation




With Goa turning out to be a hot destination for mini-vacations this Diwali weekend, bus and flight fares to Goa from Bangalore, Mumbai and other major cities have skyrocketed to more than double the regular weekend rates. While travelling by rail is out of the question, with triple-digit ‘regret’ waiting lists for trains plying on Friday, November 1, revelers are left with the options of coughing up exorbitant bus fares, or car-pooling into Goa.










Sachin Tendulkar prays in Goa before his final test series

Before he hangs up his boots next month, Sachin Tendulkar was in Goa to offer prayers at the Shree Shantadurga temple (Kavlem) Shree Mangueshi temple (Mangueshi) and Shree Damodar temple (Zambaulim). The god-fearing Saraswat cricketer arrived late in the evening on Monday.








Tamankar blasts Parrikar-led BJP govt on Sunburn Scam


Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) spokesperson Sudip Tamankar speaking to media persons on Tuesday at the party office in Panaji, lashed out at the Manohar Parrikar-led BJP government for its connivance in what he termed was the “Sunburn Scam”. “When the Congress was in power, he (Parrikar) was at the forefront of the protests against Sunburn. Parrikar and other BJP leaders had vowed they would not let Sunburn take place in North Goa if the party came to power. He had accused Congress MLAs of corruption and went to the extent of saying that drugs were openly sold at the Sunburn venue. However, when the BJP came to power, Sunburn was given a single window clearance. Not just that, the State of Goa lost at least Rs 10 crore in revenue by means of entertainment tax, given that almost 3 lakh people attended the event,” Tamankar said. He was responding to a query about a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by social action forum SpeakGoa on the alleged bribery and corruption associated with the mega event. SpeakGoa is in the process of collating evidence and will knock on the doors of the High Court of Bombay at Goa praying for an investigation as to how only approximately Rs 2 crore was collected by way of entertainment tax.

SpeakGoa has demanded a judicial inquiry into allegations of corruption and tax evasion during Sunburn 2012. According to Salvador De Costa, convener of the anti-corruption social forum, “the Manohar Parrikar-led government in Goa has overlooked and turned a blind-eye to the allegations of bribery and tax evasion of totally over Rs 12 crore. As per SpeakGoa’s estimates, about Rs 5 core were distributed as bribes, kickbacks and other freebees including those in the form of free passes and given out as largesse to various government and police officials, including MLAs and others in positions of power. In addition to the above Rs 5 crore paid under-the-table, a tax evasion of about Rs 10 crore is quite likely given the numbers present at the venue on the three days of the event.” These free passes were later on sold in black, SpeakGoa has alleged.

The organizers of the event Percept  have gone on record in writing in a communique to the department of Tourism stating that the maximum numbers of free passes were given out this season and the increase in the number of free passes was over 200 per cent. SpeakGoa has alleged that the passes were sold in black by some Tourism department officials in connivance with some other senior government officials, thus causing a huge loss to the State Exchequer. “The government has turned a blind eye to all the allegations of corruption and wrong doing during the mega event. There is no transparency and the entire process is shrouded in a cloud of secrecy, obviously to hide the nefarious and corrupt activity of persons in power in the BJP government,” the GPCC spokesperson said.

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